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Plastic-Free Household Products UK

Sustainable Household Products that are Eco-Friendly & Ethical

Welcome to the home of plastic-free household products and eco-friendly alternatives, including cleaning products, laundry, bathroom essentials, eco kitchen products and much more. Shop from hundreds of small independent brands who put life before plastic.

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Plastic-Free and Zero Waste Products from the UK

Do you have plastic-free products for every room?

Our range of plastic-free products covers every room in your house, including eco-friendly cleaning products, ethical kitchen items, bathroom, laundry and much more. We have over 650 plastic-free and zero waste items for you to choose from.

Is every product you stock free from plastic?

The majority of our products are 100% plastic free. A small percentage of our stock are environmentally-friendly alternatives, with much less plastic than their high-street counterparts. Our toothbrushes made by Truthbrush, for example, contain 38% nylon in the bristles.

Do you use plastic-free packaging?

As an eco-friendly shop, we use plastic-free, recycled packaging for all of our orders. We reuse boxes, provide padding with old newspapers and zig zag paper, seal the orders with paper tape, and wrap the orders with kraft paper. Our gift wrapping option uses recycled kraft cardboard and cotton twine.

Which plastic-free products are easiest to swap?

The easiest plastic-free swaps are the items you use the most. Look at your home and target the things that make the most waste. Toothpaste, deodorants, dish cloths and other products you use daily are perfect to begin with. We have a massive range of plastic-free kitchen products and environmentally-friendly cleaning products. These items are always a great starting point.

Why are plastic-free products better for the environment?

Products that are made without plastic are much more planet-friendly because plastic is so hard to break down. Using plastic-free, biodegradable and natural alternatives, and items that produce zero waste, will cause less pollution, landfill and garbage patches in the ocean.