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Our selection of natural makeup removers will suit all skin types and all forms of makeup, with a range of makeup removers from toners to cleansers. These makeup removers do it the eco-friendly way by using only natural ingredients, and utilising plastic-free packaging. Switch from disposable face wipes to reusable cotton pads paired with a solid makeup remover bar.


How do you remove makeup in an eco-friendly way?

The most eco-friendly makeup removers are those that can be reused, like reusable cotton pads with a cleanser, toner or balm. By using vegan and organically sourced ingredients, this helps to improve the environmental status of a product too.

Is micellar water better than makeup wipes?

Micellar water is an effective natural makeup remover, particularly for sensitive skin, rather than makeup wipes which contain a high alcohol content and often dry out skin rather than hydrate it. Makeup wipes are usually made from a non-compostable material that ends up in the environment, clogging up sewers and entering the ocean.

What is the healthiest makeup remover?

A healthy makeup remover is one that cleanses, soothes and hydrates your skin when removing makeup. Examples include the Hot Cloth Cleanser from Bain & Savon, the 3 in 1 Cleanser, Toner and Makeup Remover from Funky Soap Shop, and the Apricot Cleansing Face Balm from UpCircle.

Which products remove makeup naturally?

Natural makeup removers are any makeup removers made with organic and natural ingredients, these are most commonly ingredients such as shea butter, aloe vera gel, and castor oil.


Choosing an eco-friendly makeup remover is an important choice as the product you’ll be using will be applied on your face. By using a natural makeup remover over synthetic or alcohol wipes, these eco products will help to improve your skin’s hydration and lock in those natural oils. Be kind to your skin and switch to an eco-friendly makeup remover.