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This collection contains both fully plastic-free mascara and refillable mascara both equally effective at producing longer and thicker lashes. Choosing makeup for your desired look should not mean compromising on your environmental values, now you can wear vegan mascara made using only natural ingredients.


How can I make my mascara eco friendly?

An eco-friendly mascara is often refillable or plastic-free to reduce the amount of waste produced. Mascaras made using natural and organic ingredients are also better for the environment.

Which natural mascara is best?

The best natural mascara depends on which lash look you are after, for example for everyday lashes, the aloe vera mascara from Zao makeup is perfect for sensitive eyes while still building length. Alternatively, the volume and sheathing refillable mascara creates thicker and voluminous lashes.

Is mascara usually vegan?

Most commercial mascaras are not vegan as they contain beeswax. Vegan mascara alternatives use other organic waxes to create that same lash volume without using an animal product.

Which mascara brands are vegan?

Bain & Savon and Zao makeup brands both only use vegan-friendly ingredients in their mascaras, for a fully vegan and eco-friendly mascara.


At Life Before Plastic, we have the best environmentally-friendly cosmetics. With natural mascaras from leading eco makeup brands, these mascaras will nourish your eyelashes the natural way. Choose your favourite vegan mascara and know that you’ve also avoided unnecessary plastic packaging. For long lasting lash coverage, shop these 100% natural, eco-friendly mascaras.