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Choose from our wide range of eco-friendly shaving swaps if your preferred method of hair removal is shaving. If looked after, these eco razors could last you a lifetime. Select a full shaving kit with all the essentials, including spare razor blades and a vegan shaving soap or simply go for a safety razor and recyclable blades.

What is the most eco-friendly way to shave?

If you remove your bodily hair through shaving, the most eco-friendly way to shave is by using a reusable safety razor. Almost all other razors are made from single-use plastic intended to be thrown away after use, whereas a safety razor is plastic-free and designed to last a lifetime.

How are safety razors eco-friendly?

Different from disposable razors, safety razors are environmentally friendly as they are built to last. Made from bamboo and/or metal, these razors are designed to be reused over and over with only the need to replace the small recyclable razor blade.

How do you use a plastic-free safety razor?

To use a plastic-free safety razor, you simply unscrew the handle from the top of the razor and pop in a razor blade. Once screwed together again, apply some shaving soap and lightly drag the blade across your skin. Safety razors are double edged and always leave a close, smooth shave. Remember to clean your eco razor after use to preserve its life.

What is an eco-friendly alternative to shaving cream?

Instead of using shaving cream, choose a shaving soap as an eco-friendly alternative. A shaving soap is especially designed to lather more than a normal soap bar, making it perfect for shaving all intimate areas too. The Shoreline Shaving soap is a personal favourite as it is both vegan and highly moisturising.

While a safety razor may at first feel like a big step, making the switch to an eco-friendly shaving option will dramatically reduce your single-use plastic intake. Not only that, these shaving products are kind to your skin and come packaged in eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging.