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Browse our collection of eco kitchen products suitable for everyone no matter where you are on your plastic-free journey. Choose from eco-friendly kitchen cleaning supplies like dissolvable cleaning pods, to reusable silicon ziplock pouches as a replacement to single-use plastic bags. With these options, it's easy to switch to a kitchen that is eco.

Swapping to a scourer made from coconut, to stainless steel drinking straws, or a dish washing block, bit by bit you'll end up with an eco kitchen. It's super important to remember to switch each product once you've run out of the thing it's replacing and not to cause any additional waste. Maybe start with a small swap such as a washing up sponge made from loofah (it's part of the cucumber family) or to aluminium foil that's been recycled. 

We became obsessed with plastic-free dish wash blocks as an alternative to washing up liquid. It's amazing that you can create the same amount of lather with a bar of soap! It cuts through grease, doesn't feel a film and leaves your dishes looking shiny and clean. It also lasts ages - 6 to 12 months depending on how often you use it! 

You'll be sure to find what you're looking for with these eco kitchen products.