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Our selection of eco-friendly hair care products are free from any sulphates, harsh additives or preservatives ensuring your hair is left feeling soft and nourished. Following a natural hair care routine is not only good for your hair but also your scalp and skin simply by only natural, organic ingredients. Choose from this collection containing both eco hair care swaps for women as well as a choice of natural men’s hair care products, like natural hair wax and vegan beard essentials.


What is the best natural haircare routine?

When switching to a natural haircare routine, the best way to achieve this is to ensure that you use only natural ingredients in the hair products you apply to your hair. Choose an eco shampoo bar and conditioner as these will only contain natural, organic ingredients that are safe to use on your hair and scalp.

Is natural haircare better?

Yes, natural haircare is much better than using hair products that contain harsh chemicals, as these additives can strip your hair and leave it unhealthy. Using hair products that contain natural ingredients rich in nutrients and vitamins promote hair growth and a healthier hair and scalp.

Which natural haircare products are good for hair growth?

Natural haircare products that are rich in nutrients and vitamins will promote hair growth. Many haircare products like natural shampoo bars and conditioners use plant proteins to encourage hair growth and a healthy head of hair.

What makes a haircare product eco-friendly?

An eco-friendly haircare product is one that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that could pollute the environment and that is packaged without any plastic. Many shampoos and conditioners are packaged in single-use plastic which go on to cause plastic pollution, use a natural shampoo bar instead to switch to an eco-friendly haircare routine.


At Life Before Plastic, we stock a variety of eco-friendly haircare alternatives, with compostable scrunchies and hair ties, natural hair wax and beard oil, as well as natural shampoos and conditioners to suit all hair types. You’ll be sure to find the perfect eco-friendly, natural hair product for you, packaged without any plastic.