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This collection of natural moisturisers contains the best products to nourish all types of skin. With moisturisers for face, body and hands, we are sure you will find the right natural cream for your eco-friendly skincare routine. Moisturising can help with skin irritation, dryness and slow down signs of ageing. It is vital we apply the correct ingredients as all moisturising creams are absorbed into our bodies. By using organic creams you will create a smooth, softer skin without being harmful to your insides.

Why should I use a natural moisturiser?

Using a natural moisturiser can help to reduce signs of ageing, skin dryness and any irritation. The natural and organic ingredients found in these moisturisers are particularly important as they are free from chemicals and help to give skin a healthy glow.

Which natural ingredients should I look for in a moisturiser?

There are a variety of different natural ingredients to look for in a moisturiser, though some of the best organic ingredients include coconut oil, olive oil, oat, shea butter and avocado oil. It is worth doing some research to see which natural oils provide the best moisturising results for your skin type.

Where can I find a plastic-free moisturiser with SPF?

At Life Before Plastic, we stock plastic-free moisturiser with sun protection, as we know it’s vital to be wearing SPF daily. There is no better way to protect your skin than by combining your daily skincare routine with a SPF moisturiser made from natural ingredients.

What is the best natural moisturiser?

Our favourite natural moisturisers include the balms from Zero Waste Path and creams from UpCircle, though finding the best natural moisturiser will be specific to you and your skin type. Even better, all of these moisturisers come without plastic, and you can easily repurpose or recycle their packaging.

Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or sensitive skin, we are sure that choosing a moisturiser made with natural ingredients will transform your skincare. By selecting a cream, balm or lotion packaged plastic-free, you will be able to naturally moisturise your skin and look after the planet at the same time.