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Browse our collection of natural toothpastes to suit your needs. Toothpaste has been around one way or another for centuries from the ancient Egyptians to the Romans, toothpaste has been made from all sorts of ingredients like eggshells. That’s no longer the case today, yet natural toothpaste can help to improve our environment and keep our teeth shining bright.

Is toothpaste bad for the environment?

Most commercial toothpastes are packaged in plastic, which is bad for the environment as most of these tubes cannot be easily recycled. By switching to a natural toothpaste in plastic-free packaging, you can prevent more plastic being created and save on plastic pollution.

Are toothpaste tablets eco-friendly?

Toothpaste tablets are an eco-friendly option as they are lightweight and use less carbon to transport. Toothpaste tablets free from aluminium and packaging in a tin or compostable pack, without any plastic.

Why is natural toothpaste better?

Many commercial toothpastes contain chemicals such as Sodium Laurly Sulfate (SLS), Propylene Glycol, Artificial colours and Triclosan, while natural toothpastes contain none of these ingredients. Some of these have been known to cause health problems, so stay safe with your oral health, consider switching to a natural toothpaste alternative.

Which natural toothpaste brands should I buy?

One of the leading UK natural toothpaste brands is Georganics, with a wide range of flavours and options from traditional toothpaste to toothpowder and tooth soap. We also recommend Ben & Anna for an independent brand producing eco-friendly toothpastes.

If you have weekends away or travel often, make the switch to a toothpaste tablet packaged without plastic, or if you prefer the traditional taste, choose a natural toothpaste from Ben & Anna. Our range contains a toothpaste for all tastes, with traditional spearmint or English peppermint, or alternatively orange toothpaste for kids or those who dislike mint. With options for sensitive teeth or those who would like to whiten their teeth naturally, there really is a natural toothpaste for all. Made with natural ingredients, these eco-friendly toothpastes look after your teeth and the environment.