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Our collection of vegan chewing gum is entirely plastic-free and made with plant-based ingredients. Suitable for vegans, these chewing gum options will help to reduce single-use plastic and be kinder to your health, avoiding any plastic from entering your body.


What chewing gum is plastic free?

Two of the leading plastic-free chewing gum brands are Chewsy chewing gum and Georganics who both produce tasty gum free from any plastic.

Does chewing gum contain plastic?

Lots of regular chewing gum is predominately made from plastic, usually polyethylene. To save from eating micro plastics, instead choose a plant-based, plastic-free chewing gum alternative.

Is there biodegradable chewing gum?

If a chewing gum is made using plant-based ingredients, these gums are usually also biodegradable. Vegan chewing gum from Chewsy and Georganics are both biodegradable at their end of use.


Our range of chewing gums free-from plastic come in a variety of different flavours to suit all palates. Swap for plant-based, plastic-free chewing gum today.