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Browse our range of natural lip balms with restorative, highly moisturising lip balms, lip balms with a tint and vegan lip balms. This selection contains an option for all. Our lips can easily be neglected leading to chapped and dry lips but they deserve to be looked after. Being made with organic ingredients these natural lips balms are free from any hidden chemicals so you can be sure you’re caring for your skin.


How do you care for your lips naturally?

By using a natural lip balm made with organic ingredients you can ensure your lips do not become dry and chapped. Natural lip balms help to moisturise and give you soft lips without any nasty chemicals.

Which ingredients should you avoid in lip balm?

You should avoid toxic ingredients like parabens, petroleum, phenol and menthol in lip balms and instead opt for a natural lip balm. Some of these ingredients to avoid can actually dry out your lips rather than nourish them like a chemical-free lip balm.

What is the best natural lip balm?

Our favourite lip balm is the restorative lip balm from Valley Mist which helps to heal dry skin, though the best natural lip balms are any that are plastic-free and made from organic ingredients.

Which lip balm brands are plastic free?

There are several UK independent brands that make plastic-free lip balms including Valley Mist, The Coconut Bee, Kutis Skincare and Zero Waste Path. Each lip balm comes plastic-free, sustainably packaged in glass, tin or cardboard.


Whether the weather is hot or cold, there is always the need to care for your lips. Choosing the eco-friendly option when it comes to lip balms is easy with so many plastic-free lip balm brands also using natural ingredients. The perfect size to pop into your bag or pocket there’s no reason to have chapped lips again when using a natural lip balm.