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This collection of plastic-free skincare products will hydrate and nourish all types of skin. Sourced from the best, most eco-friendly ingredients, all products are packaged without plastic. From moisturisers and cleansers to body scrubs and soaps, these plastic-free products enable you to make an eco skincare choice.

What are plastic-free skincare products?

Plastic-free skincare products are cosmetics for your skin that are packaged without any plastic. Traditionally most skincare products come in plastic bottles or with single-use plastic seals. Their plastic-free alternatives ensure that you can still get glowing skin without damaging the environment in the process.

How do I make my skincare routine eco-friendly?

You can switch to an eco-friendly skincare routine by choosing products that contain natural, environmentally-friendly ingredients. By using these ingredients, it usually means that the eco skincare products are also vegan and cruelty-free.

Which skincare brands are plastic-free?

Some of our favourite plastic-free skincare brands are UpCircle, Lani Tropical Skincare, Kutis Skincare, and Zero Waste Path. These are only a few of the wide range of eco-conscious brands that have removed plastic packaging from their skincare products.

Is eco-friendly skincare really better?

Eco-friendly skincare really can make a difference in protecting our planet. Not only are eco skincare products more likely to come packaged plastic-free, their ingredients are free-from all the non environmentally-friendly ingredients that can be damaging if they make it into our water systems after use.

Choosing plastic-free skincare products really is possible with a wide range of skincare products on the market. At Life Before Plastic, you will find plastic-free skincare for all of your needs. Whether you’re looking for a healthy glow or want to hydrate your skin, we’ve got an eco-friendly skincare solution for you.

With our products sourced from independent local businesses, these skincare options cater for all skin types and better yet are plastic-free.