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These reusable food wraps come in variety of different shapes and sizes, including food wax wraps on a roll that can be cut to size to fit any size container. With bright, colourful designs, these plastic-free products are a perfect swap to brighten any eco kitchen. 


What is a reusable food wrap?

A reusable food wrap is a piece of cotton cloth that has been covered with wax (either beeswax or vegan wax from tree resin). These food wraps can be used to cover food and keep it fresh, as the wax wrap moulds around the food or container using the warmth from your hands.

Do beeswax wraps help to keep food fresh?

Beeswax wraps are a zero waste and plastic-free alternative to cling film as they cover food and help to keep it fresher for longer. They can be used to cover bowls, wrap sandwiches or store snacks.

How do you wash a reusable food wrap?

To wash a food wrap, you should rinse and soap the wax wrap with cold water. If you use hot water with a beeswax or vegan wax wrap, the wax will wash off the wrap and it will lose it's effectiveness, so this should be avoided! 

Why is my wax wrap not sticky anymore?

If your reusable wax wrap has lost it's stickiness, it is likely that the wax has worn away or has been washed off. You can top up the wax with refresher beeswax or refresher vegan wax to be able to keep using your reusable wax wrap for longer.


Reusable food wraps are a fully zero waste product as they are compostable at their end of life, and can even be used as firelighters. You can use wax wraps to store all kinds of food in any container of your choice, including jars, bowls or simply folded over on itself. Our personal favourite tip is using a beeswax wrap to store soap and shampoo bars when travelling to save on space and keep everything clean and dry - wax wraps are waterproof too! Keep food fresh the plastic-free way and choose from our selection of beeswax and vegan reusable food wraps today.