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An Eco Friendly Skincare Routine That Works

When it comes to looking after your skin, we know it’s not only important to think about whether you're going plastic free and cruelty free, but also which eco friendly skincare products work best for your skin.

Here's a guide to my own skincare routine using entirely natural skincare products.

Eco friendly face products

Every morning, I wash my face with a raspberry and cream complexion soap. Filled with all the goodness of raspberries, vitamins and antioxidants from the berries that gently exfoliate, it leaves my skin glowing and ready for the day.

In the evening, I use the green tea and lemon facial washing grains. Stored in a glass pot, the dry grains turn into a paste when mixed with water. This paste clears my skin, detoxifying it through natural ingredients, leaving it smooth.

After using the facial grains, I then follow up with the Valley Mist cleansing cream. This cream is great at preventing acne and helps to keep the moisture in my pores overnight. Once I’ve used all of the cleansing cream, I use the aluminium pot it came in to carry around a sneaky snack – it’s just the right size!

Plastic free, natural body products

When shaving, I swear by a reusable razor. I always make sure I lather up a shaving soap for a gentler shave and to prevent any cuts or burns. I use the Shoreline Shaving orange and lavender soap, which is vegan friendly and free of parabens. The ingredients list contains aloe vera, which is particularly good at calming my skin.

For the rest of my body, I use red clay soap by Zero Waste Path, which is a bit like shea butter and contains essential oils. Similar to my facial washing grains, this soap detoxifies and soothes with coconut oil and olive oil. This product also has cardboard packaging, like the rest of Zero Waste Path's eco friendly skincare range.

Finally, before I go to bed, I apply some of Funky Soap's Shea body butter, which is one of my favourites! It’s not greasy at all, unlike a lot of others I’ve tried, so I don't go to bed all sticky and greasy, and it leaves my skin feeling fully moisturised.

And that's it! I shouldn't have to say, but just in case you didn't know... all of the products I use in my skincare routine are plastic free. I swear by them. If you do too, let me know your favourites in the comments below. 

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