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8 Best Natural Deodorants for Women & Men

Edited by Trina Gill

Updated: 7 Feb, 2023

Gone are the days when the best natural deodorants for women and men were only for those living a bohemian lifestyle.

People are opening their eyes to the damage of aerosols and harsh chemicals, and are now looking for 'cleaner' beauty products.

Deodorants and other similar skincare products that we apply to our bodies, need to be healthier on the skin and the environment. Sounds simple, doesn't it?

Luckily for the general public, we no longer have to rely on supermarket chains to make the decisions for us.

Naturally made and eco-friendly beauty products are readily available via online, and bricks and mortar independents.

So what's the best natural deodorant for you?

As interest for natural deodorant grows, so do the options. From roll-on to finger application, crystal to spray, personal preference is the deciding factor. The best type of natural deodorant for you is often down to how you apply it. 

The vast majority of natural deodorants are effective regardless of application, so then it comes down to ethics, packaging, budget and longevity.

Look for vegan & cruelty free; plastic-free & eco-friendly; and deodorants that fit your lifestyle.

You'll find that most ethically made, sustainable deodorant manufacturers cover all of the above. If they don't, then it's questionable if that deodorant is right for you.

The best natural deodorants will be free from:

  • Aluminium compounds
  • Artificial colours
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Triclosan

Natural deodorants for sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, the ingredients within deodorants must be considered before diving in. This obviously refers to chemicals and nasties, but also natural and organic ingredients that your skin may reject.

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda, bicarbonate of soda), for example, can cause skin irritation in most people because too much has been added to the deodorant formula.

Some people may be allergic, others experience a red rash due to a rise in pH from the alkaline.   

The majority of makers listed within this roundup offer deodorants with a moderate level of sodium bicarbonate or a sensitive skin option without it in.

Personally, we've been using natural deodorants for around eight years now and have tried at least 30 different types in this time.

We got our hands on samples, bought our own, trialled items stocked within our shop and tried gifts from family. You name it, we tested it, we tried it.

That's why we've put together a list of the best natural deodorants for women and men - tried and tested by us!

Here's our top picks of the best natural deodorants for women & men, available in the UK

Natural Deodorant TypeReview Link
Best Natural Deodorant for TravelSkip to Review                           
Best Refill Natural DeodorantSkip to Review
Best Natural Deodorant SubscriptionSkip to Review
Best Push-Up Natural Deodorant Skip to Review
Best Small-Batch Natural Deodorant Skip to Review
Best Natural Deodorant BalmSkip to Review
Best Natural Deodorant for Sensitive SkinSkip to Review
Best Crystal Natural Deodorant Skip to Review

Recyclable, refillable, biodegradable. Whichever natural deodorant you opt for, always inspect the packaging information to make sure there is no single-use plastic and waste used.

We've handpicked deodorants for this blog based on the use of natural ingredients, how eco-friendly the packaging is and how effective the deodorant is.   

Best Natural Deodorant for Travel

AKT Starter Set - SC.01 Orange Grove 

AKT's natural deodorant gift set that's perfect for travel including all three scents, assistant key and applicator

Designed by West-End actors with an expertise in skincare, this a luxurious natural deodorant that claims to "stand the heat under bright lights". And it does.

Not only does it look premium, elegant and compact - it's also perfect to travel with. AKT has placed natural deodorant within the gifting sphere, with their range of gift sets and accessories that serve to enhance the experience.

Reasons to use

• AKT deodorants use a natural formulation, and are vegan and cruelty free. These gender neutral products are also free from aluminium, plastic and waste, and are 100% recyclable. 

• The deodorant is deeply moisturising, absorbs quickly and doesn't stain your clothes. It's not just for your underarms either, you can use it on your hands, feet, forehead... wherever you need it.

• The natural deodorant formula is filled with energising vitamin E and shea butter, requiring only a pea-sized amount on each area.

In an ideal world...

• Getting every last bit out of the tube would be a little easier. The AKT tube containing the deodorant is made from aluminium, so it does require 'The Assistant' key to assist in rolling/squeezing the tube without damaging it.

• Each tube lasts on average 2-3 months with moderate use. This means if you use it daily and on multiple parts of your body, it's likely to be used up much faster. Which could be an expensive affair!


Best Refill Natural Deodorant


A selection of refillable natural deodorants made by Fussy

After appearing on Dragons' Den with their innovative design, Fussy has become a household name in the natural deodorant world. Their no-nonsense refill model is simple, planet-friendly, natural and cost-effective. 

Fussy deodorant is a pushup roll-on housed in a a delightful pebble-shaped reusable case, available in multiple colours. The initial price of the deodorant is higher, as you need to purchase the case, too.

Reasons to use

• From the punchy Wide-Eyed Citrus to the anonymous Bare All Unscented, Fussy's all natural refill deodorant scents work how you'd like them to.

• The case has been made from recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable. The refill packaging is made from waste (including waste sugar cane pulp) and can be put in the compost.

• All of Fussy's deodorants are handmade in the UK by a "fantastic family-run company with awesome green credentials".

In an ideal world...

• It'd be nice if you could purchase the refills on an individual basis. At the moment, you can buy 3, 6 or 9 refills in bulk, which could be pricey for some. We do however understand why they're trying to encourage shoppers to reduce their footprint.

• Fussy asks people with sensitive skin to avoid the Wavy Days scent, as the strong peppermint can irritate the skin.


Watch our video review of Fussy natural deodorant

Best Natural Deodorant Subscription


An orange subscription pack for Wild natural and refillable deodorants

Wild is one of the pioneers of refillable natural deodorant and they've brought their subscription to the mainstream. As a certified B-Corporation, Wild is continually evolving the industry and putting purpose alongside profit, which is always refreshing to see.

Their subscription model was a first of its kind when it started and it has grown into an ever-engaging experience for their subscribers, with new scents and bundles always on the horizon.   

Reasons to use

• Wild's subscription seems to be the cheapest in the UK and it includes free shipping.

• Their cases are made from aluminium, meaning they are 100% recyclable. The shape of the case is similar to the high-street deodorants, for those transitioning from other brands.

• All of their packaging is plastic-free and their refill packaging is compostable, too. 

In an ideal world...

• You'd be able to get every last bit out of the product out without making loads of effort, as some gets stuck at the bottom of the case. You can always prise it out with something thin and stick it on top of your new refill.


Best Push-Up Natural Deodorant

Kutis Skincare

A selection of scents of Kutis Skincare push-up natural deodorants, surrounded by grapefruit, lavender and lemons

The Wales based Kutis Skincare is at the forefront of the plastic-free and natural deodorant revolution. We're so lucky to have been able to stock their deodorants since 2018 and they've been one of our best sellers.

Kutis Skincare is pretty much a household name in the plastic-free community, with a focus on preservative free, waste free and fair trade ingredients. 

Reasons to use

• With a wide range of scents in easy-to-use push up form, the Kutis natural deodorant is very easy to transition to.

• These types of deodorants can last for ages, even with multi daily use. On average, you're likely to get 4-5 months out of one stick.

• Every single one of their natural deodorants is hand-poured in their studio. 

In an ideal world...

• All of their deodorants would be vegan friendly. They use beeswax as an ingredient in many of their products, but they do offer vegan friendly options.
• If you apply too much of the deodorant it can be a little bit flaky and drop out into your clothes.


Best Small-Batch Natural Deodorant

Pit Putty

A Pit Putty blue natural deodorant stick in a bathroom setting next to toothbrushes and toilet roll

Pit Putty is a small family business that started in the kitchen and has since grown and become a go-to for so many eco-warriors. Interestingly Pit Putty cater for the roll-on market and the finger applicators.

They're stocked in over 260 retailers worldwide and have a loyal following in the UK. We first got our hands on the Pit Putty sticks not too long back and have found the scents to be lovely, strong and well balanced. 

Reasons to use

• Every batch of deodorants is made by hand and placed in an easy to hold, long push-up tube or tin. 

• The Pit Putty range of deodorants are 100% vegan friendly and fully plant-based. They use a mix of natural and organic ingredients throughout their range.

In an ideal world...

• One application would be enough. One roll on the armpits won't always last the full day, so you will probably need topping up. Easy enough, eh!


Best Natural Deodorant Balm

FFS Deodorant Balm

An FFS green natural deodorant balm tin that is partially open

FFS is known for their shaving subscription service (not the text slang), yet they've managed to come up with a beaut of a natural deodorant balm.

With the bold scents of grapefruit and peppermint put together in a sleek FFS style mint-coloured tin, this is a waxy balm that suits all sexes and is easy to apply.

Reasons to use

• The scents used within this deodorant balm are some of our favourites, as grapefruit and peppermint are ideal for kicking back odour. Plus the scent lasts quite a while. 

• Like many of the other deodorants in our list, we love that it's plastic-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free and vegan friendly. 

• The stylish aluminium tin you get with the deodorant can easily be reused to hold little trinkets, jewellery or something similar.

In an ideal world...

• They would have launched with more scents. Peppermint doesn't agree with every skin type and can be aggressive on sensitive skin.

• This deodorant balm will last around 2 months with average use, according to FFS. This usually refers to 1-2 times of daily use.


Best Natural Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

The Natural Deodorant Company

Two women holding various scents and types of Natural Deodorant Company's deodorants

Laurie founded the Natural Deo Company back in 2015 when she couldn't find a natural deodorant that would last all day.

Having worked in the beauty industry for a number of years, she knew what she wanted and this became her first creation: the award-winning 'Clean' natural deodorant range, which is a variety of creamy balms.

For those with sensitive skin, The Natural Deo Co then created a 'Gentle' range of deodorants that is completely free of sodium bicarbonate. This range of deodorants has seen so many of subscribers find their longterm deodorant, free from irritation.

Reasons to use

• Having used the 'Clean' & 'Gentle' deodorant range for the past five years, you only need to apply it once for a full day's protection, depending on how much you sweat or exercise.

• Cream Coconut & Shea Unscented (Gentle) is perfect for people with ultra sensitive skin.

• The product packaging is made of glass and is 100% recyclable. It's also delivered in plastic free and sustainable packaging.

• This is a "Leaping Bunny" certified company with cruelty free products. Every deodorant is also registered with the The Vegan Society.

In an ideal world...

• The deodorant would last longer. One jar will usually last around 6-8 weeks with regular use, which can work out quite expensive. 

• You'll wash you hands after every application, unless you purchase bamboo spatula available through the website.


Best Crystal Natural Deodorant

Biork by Energy Balance

A crystal natural deodorant stick by Biork lying on a table out of its packaging

Biork is the only deodorant outside of the UK that makes it onto our list. If you ask the majority of plastic-free shops which was the first deodorant they stocked, Biork would be high up on the list.

Energy Balance, based in Switzerland, created a potassium crystal deodorant stick made from natural mineral stone and high-quality ingredients. This is a deodorant that requires effort to use, but works a treat.

A crystal mineral deodorant works by creating a salt film barrier on the surface of your skin. That means it's able to stop any odour causing bacteria from getting through.

Reasons to use

• Each crystal stick lasts for ages! You can expect it to last 9-12 months, which makes it the most long-lasting deodorant in our list.

• The deodorant is vegan friendly and fragrance free, with no animal testing or aluminium chlorides.

• This type of natural deodorant is composed of mineral salt called potassium alum. It can also be used for water purification and has been proven to have antimicrobial properties.

In an ideal world...

• The stick wouldn't need moistening before use. As the crystal is naturally dry, you will need to moisten the stick for it to work its magic. You will also need to wipe it down after use, too. 

• The cork holder can be easily damaged if left in a wet environment. Keep it outside of the bathroom!



Every person has different priorities when it comes to choosing the best natural deodorant. Whether it be choosing the best deodorant for sensitive skin, the most convenient or the most eco-friendly, it's important to factor in an adjustment period.

It takes on average 2-6 weeks for your body to adjust to using natural deodorant no matter which you choose. Especially if you're transitioning from a deodorant that contains nasties and chemicals.

So be patient if your body doesn't take to it straight away. That's not to say rashes or irritation are normal though. But natural ingredients need time to work their magic. Once they do, you'll never look back. It's all about finding the right deodorant for you! 

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means if you choose to make a purchase, we will earn a small commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Thanks so much for reading!

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