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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Natural Deodorant

A comprehensive guide to switching to a natural deodorant

Plastic-free deodorants are amazing at keeping you feeling fresh and revitalised, whilst protecting the planet in the process. However, they’ve received a bad reputation as many people are sceptical as to whether they’ll keep you odour-free all day.

We’ll admit that it’s a difficult switch to make at first, especially since the initial adjustment period makes it easy to quit early on. There’s also tons of different formulas and scents of natural deodorant on the market, so finding one that works for you takes some testing. But trust us when we say that it’s a rewarding process, so don’t give up!

If you want to start your natural deodorant journey but don’t know where to begin, we’ve created this exhaustive guide covering everything you need to know about these eco-friendly toiletries and how to find the best one for you.

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Selection of natural deodorants

Positives of using a natural deodorant

  • Eco deodorants come in plastic-free packaging, which is much easier to recycle than the conventional plastic tubes and aerosols
  • They don’t contain any chemical nasties like parabens or phthalates which are harmful to the body and our water systems
  • Unlike conventional deodorants, they don’t contain aluminium that blocks the pores, so your body can expel any toxins
  • Lots of different essential oils are used, so they come in a selection of lovely fragrances
  • They’re lightweight and portable, so they’re incredibly easy to toss in your handbag and freshen up whilst on-the-go
  • Many natural deodorants are manufactured in the UK, so they have a low carbon footprint


Negatives of using a natural deodorant

  • Your body will go through an adjustment period for a few weeks, meaning odours may momentarily increase as the built-up toxins are released
  • Choice of plastic-free deodorant is limited compared to conventional ones
  • They’re initially more expensive than plastic-free alternatives (although they last longer and are still relatively inexpensive if you put quality before quantity)
  • You may not feel comfortable using natural deodorants if you’re a heavy sweater, as they don’t block perspiration


What are the different types of plastic-free deodorant?

There are two types of plastic-free deodorant available: roll-on or in a jar – it’s personal preference which one you decide to use.

Roll-on natural deodorants are an easy swap to start with since they’re similar to conventional stick deodorants. These plastic-free bathroom essentials use cardboard packaging and natural ingredients to protect against moisture and odour. Check out Kutis Skincare, Ben and Anna or Pit Putty if these sound up your street.

The roll-on natural deodorants now also come as a refill option. This means that you keep the case the deodorant comes in, and just refill the actual deodorant. This option is offered by Wild deodorant and Fussy deodorant. Both UK-based small businesses, trying to change the 'norm' when it comes to natural deodorant.

Plastic-free deodorants can also come tinned, which are great if you’re not afraid to get your hands a bit messy. These feel softer to apply and are easy to throw into your bag for freshness on-the-go. We love the Earth Conscious and Pit Putty products, and The Natural Deodorant Company also produce a gentler alternative for sensitive skin.


Plastic-free deodorant from the Natural Deodorant Co

How to apply natural deodorant

If you’re using a roll-on formula, simply hold the stick to your armpit for a couple of seconds to warm up the product, making it easier to glide on. When the product starts to run low, push up from the bottom of the tube to release more – it’s that simple.

For the tin natural deodorants, all you need to do is get some of the balm on your fingers and massage it into your armpits.

Applying these eco-friendly toiletries to clean skin will give the best result, so we recommend thoroughly cleaning your armpits with soap beforehand to remove any traces of sweat and bacteria.

If necessary, you can apply them more than once a day for increased freshness – giving your armpits a quick wash and reapplying the product will take care of that.


Choosing the right deodorant for you

If you suffer from sensitive skin and natural deodorants give you a rash, choose a product that doesn’t contain bicarbonate of soda, such as the Natural Deodorant Company’s balms. While this ingredient has odour-absorbing abilities, its alkaline base can lead to itches and rashes.

We also recommend washing your armpits every night before bed to ensure that any excess product isn’t lingering on the skin if sensitivity is still an issue.

At Life Before Plastic, we stock a variety of natural deodorants specifically designed for you, whether you’re vegan, want an unscented product, or have sensitive skin. When buying, make sure you read the product descriptions to ensure that you’re choosing the right one for you.


Applying natural deodorant

Natural deodorant FAQs

What is a natural deodorant?

Natural deodorants use plastic-free packaging and all-natural ingredients to keep your armpits smelling fresh. Unlike typical deodorants which use aluminium and other chemicals to block sweating, eco deodorants neutralise odorous bacteria and help to absorb excess wetness.

Do natural deodorants work?

Yes! While you may have more odour than usual for the first couple of weeks as your body goes through the purging stage, this soon regulates and your armpits will definitely smell fresher.

Can natural deodorants cause a rash?

Unfortunately, yes they can. A lot of natural deodorants contain bicarbonate of soda, which is alkaline and can thus cause itching and rashes. If you suffer from sensitive skin, we recommend opting for bicarb free formulas.

How can you detox your armpits?

The detox process is completely natural as your body purges any toxins that have built up due to using commercial deodorants. If you’re struggling, thoroughly wash your armpits between applications to help release toxins, and also let them breathe at night with no product on.

Why do I still sweat with natural deodorant?

Sweating is completely natural, as it helps to regulate our body temperature and flush out toxins. While eco deodorants counter some of this moisture you’ll definitely find yourself still sweating.

Is natural deodorant better for you?

Eco-friendly toiletries use gentle, natural ingredients rather than harsh chemicals, so they’re much better for the skin and planet. It’s healthy to sweat and release any toxins, exactly what human bodies are designed to do through sweating.

Check out our entire range of natural deodorants here.

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