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How To Recycle Your Wedding Decor

How can you recycle your wedding decor?

Hosting a wedding is a big task to undertake. With so many elements to consider, it can be tricky to decide on what items of decor to include in the first place, let alone think about where they’ll end up after the event. 

However, it’s important to be mindful of the impact your wedding will have on the environment. An average wedding can produce as much as 20kg of plastic waste, so any small changes you can make to reduce your impact will go a long way. In this article, we explore different ways that you can recycle your wedding decor to minimise waste.

Compost or preserve flowers

Composting and preserving wedding flowers

Composting is a great option for any leftover flower petals or smaller arrangements, or you could consider turning your petals into confetti for another event. But for a bridal bouquet, it seems a shame to dispose of it. Instead, consider preserving it. Many brides opt to dry out their bouquet after the ceremony by hanging it upside down – eventually, it can then be pressed into a frame or encased in resin.

Bridal bouquets are not cheap, so this way you’re definitely getting your money’s worth alongside creating a beautiful lasting reminder of your big day.

List items for sale

Selling wedding decor

Instead of rushing to dispose of large items, such as wedding arches or lights, consider selling them. There are plenty of people looking to buy items like these secondhand, not only to save money but to prevent unnecessary waste. Even if you bought yours secondhand, why not sell them on again?

Alternatively, there are even charities that will appreciate secondhand wedding decor. Whether it’s dedicated wedding charity shops or a local good cause, any proceeds generated from the decor will be better than having it sit around in storage or thrown away.

Hand some out as souvenirs

Wedding table decor

Items such as table decorations, vases or centrepieces are often admired by guests. Allowing a select few to take one home with them makes for a great souvenir and a happy reminder of your wedding. Smaller decorations such as placeholders or glasses can also be offered out. Some couples even get creative and attach the customised placeholders to a glass, creating a simple and unique souvenir while also helping to prevent waste.

Repurpose where you can

Wedding decor at home

You might find that some of your wedding decor could be reused in your home. For example, leaves or greenery could be planted into pots and dotted around as decorations, and the same goes for lights and table decorations – almost any wedding decor can easily become home decor. It just depends on your tastes, but if you don’t see something fitting into your home, why not offer it to family and friends?

The key to reducing waste on your wedding day is to think about it during the planning process. That way, you can consider whether the item can be easily recycled and if not, find a suitable alternative. If you go into your day with a plan on what you’ll be giving away and what you’ll be keeping, it can help to reduce some stress when guests start making requests.


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