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77 Plastic-Free Essentials: Products For Every Occasion

77 Plastic-Free Essentials: Products for Every Occassion

Last updated 18th January 2024.

As a plastic-free shop that focuses on providing essential items and eco-friendly products, it’s crucial that we interact with our community every single day. Comments and feedback shape the way we grow and the products we supply.

What you have to say influences every decision we make.

Moving away from single-use plastic seems daunting for some because they are so used to the ease and convenience of what they already have.

It’s part of a routine.

A habit. 

The good news is that people are increasingly questioning the products they buy, which is leading to more self-awareness, sustainability and good old planet loving. Common questions we’re usually asked are:

  • Why are certain eco swaps so important?
  • What are the benefits of introducing them into your home?
  • How long does plastic-free stuff last?
  • Is it going to cost a lot of money?
  • What products are essential and what should I introduce first?

To help us answer some of these questions, we’ve picked out a whole list of plastic-free products we think are essential to cutting down on waste.

We’ve broken the list down into relevant sections. Take a look.

Essential Toiletries that are Plastic Free

Bathroom toiletries and grooming products are notorious for single-use plastic. Everyday alternatives like soap, toothpaste, razors and shampoo are a great place to start for your plastic-free journey.

Soap Bars
Let’s start off with one of the easiest plastic-free swaps of them all: the soap bar. Soaps come in bar form already so there’s no reason to use a soap with a plastic pump.

Every soap bar we stock is made from 100% natural ingredients, too, which means that many are vegan friendly and free from harsh chemicals, making them kinder to your skin.

Take a look at our range of soap bars.

One of the most seamless changes you can make is plastic-free deodorant. Many people already use roll-on or stick deodorants so it’s not much of a culture shock. Brands such as Kutis and Ben & Anna package their deodorants in cardboard so they’re 100% recyclable.

Four colourful plastic-free deodorants on a wooden table with light shining on them

Bamboo Cotton Buds
Nothing says disposable more than high-street cotton buds, which can end up in the nose of a turtle if they’re made of plastic. It’s really important to have an eco-friendly alternative in your home. Bamboo cotton buds biodegrade so they can be put into your garden bin or compost. They also come in a recycled cardboard box. 

Whether it comes in a jar, in tablet form, powder or soap, there’s a multitude of options for toothpaste that doesn’t come in a plastic tube. You also have the choice of toothpaste with or without fluoride.

Plastic-Free Razor
Disposable razors need to be a thing of the past. Even if they can be recycled or not, they are not a sustainable option. A reusable razor could last you a lifetime if looked after and all you have to change is the blades. Double-edge razors are just as safe as any disposable version. Give it a try.

Take a look through our plastic-free shaving products.

Shaving Blades
Replaceable shaving cartridges that are made with plastic are destined for landfill. Shaving the traditional way with double edge blades (packaged in cardboard and paper) is the most eco-friendly option. 

Bamboo Toothbrush
These slick and durable toothbrushes will be one of the easiest swaps you make.  They're an eco-friendly alternative to disposable toothbrushes that are made from 100% plastic.

One key thing to note is that the bristles are made from nylon and castor oil, so although better for the environment, the head of the toothbrush still needs to be put into an eco brick.

Truthbrush bamboo toothbrushes come in a variety of colours and sizes. 

This image shows two bamboo toothbrushes lay down next an aluminium bottle of mouthwash.

Shampoo Bars
Unlike soap bars, shampoo is mostly sold in plastic bottles in supermarkets and comes in liquid form. Some people are hesitant to change, but shampoo bars are amazing and are so much better for the health of your hair. Made from natural ingredients that have been carefully picked for different types of hair, your head will love you for making this change. 

Here’s a lovely range of shampoo bars for different hair types.

Shaving Soap Bars
Shaving foam that comes in large canisters with plastic caps and lids can be a nightmare. There are so many different components that it’s near impossible to recycle them. There are tonnes of shaving soap bars made from natural ingredients that lather up just as much, and are gentler on your skin. Plus all packaging is plastic-free and recyclable.  

2 in 1 Shampoo Conditioner Bars
Shampoo and conditioner in one bar isn’t for everyone, but it certainly does cut down on waste and plastic. Shower Blocks has created 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner bars for different types of hair, including normal, oily and fine, and dry and curly.

How'd you like the sound of mouthwash packaged in nothing but glass and aluminium? We use Georganics mouthwash tablets most of the time. All you have to do is quarter a fill a glass with water and put the effervescent mouthwash tablet in. Voila. There’s no alcohol or nasty chemicals in the tablets either.

Natural Dental Floss
Floss that doesn’t break because of the material used is so bad for the environment. Much of it makes its way into our oceans and ends up the stomachs of marine life, and into human diets. Natural dental floss made from candelilla wax is biodegradable and comes in a little glass tube with a metal lid.

Menstrual Products
According to Medium, the average sanitary pad can take up to 800 years to decompose. Over 500 million are produced every year and they’re full of toxic chemicals that get into our soil. Thanks to companies such as Grace & Green, OrganiCup and many others, we’re now able to offer a range of menstrual products that are eco-friendly and kind to our planet.

Body Wash
Have you ever thought about what you're actually washing your body with? Processed detergents are common in many high street brands, which can dry out the skin and irritate it. 

Step away from chemicals and choose natural body wash made by brands such as Shower Blocks. They combine lovely nourishing ingredients and have developed solid shower gel. One of our top eco friendly swaps.

Toilet Roll
This isn’t about how you wipe your bum. Sorry. We only care about the packaging that surrounds toilet roll. Who Gives a Crap wraps their recycled toilet roll with paper so you can kiss goodbye to single-use plastic. They also donate 50% of their profits towards building toilets in third-world countries.

Just like shampoo, conditioners are used in their bucket load, but it’s important to find the right one for your hair. The majority of plastic-free conditioners sold in eco-friendly shops are made from natural ingredients. You can also choose your conditioner for specific types of hair, such as dry or damaged, normal or oily.

Four colourful conditioner bars sat on top of their cardboard boxes they come packaged in. Flowers lay at the side, too.

Liquid Conditioner
Unlike synthetic conditioners, you only need to apply a tiny amount of liquid conditioner when it’s made from natural ingredients. Your hair can adapt very quickly to the lack of chemicals, but a little patience is needed for those who don’t adapt straight away.

The natural liquid conditioners that we rate the most are made by Faith in Nature. 

Dry Shampoo
Many dry shampoo companies actually incorporate cardboard into the packaging of their products, but we still see a lot of dry shampoo with plastic filter lids. Try applying dry shampoo with your hands from a paper bag or putting dry shampoo in a small pepper pot (or something similar).

We have dry shampoo by Foamie in two varieties, which are for light hair or dark hair.

Soap Dishes
Plastic soap dishes are not needed in the home. They are viewed as disposable by a lot of people because plastic puts no value on it. It might sound biting, but it's true. There are so many alternatives out there, such as olive wood, handmade ceramics and coconut fibre. These soap dishes are so much more stylish, too.

Beard Oil
Plastic-free beard oil may not seem like an essential, but the UK has become the beard-grooming capital of the world over the last few years. Products sold on the high street usually comes in small throwaway bottles that are used fairly quickly. 

We stock a beard oil made right here in the UK. This is free from plastic, it's vegan friendly and organic.

Eco-Friendly Makeup Products 

Eco-friendly makeup is a burgeoning industry and we’re starting to see some exciting and sustainable products becoming available. There is still a long way to go, but there is already a wide range to choose from.

Plastic-free makeup is a fast growing market and it’s making a firm imprint in the cosmetic industry. From blush to concealer, foundation to finishing powder, forward-thinking companies such as ZAO and Love the Planet are constantly creating innovative eco-friendly beauty products. 

Click the link for plastic-free makeup from ZAO and others.

Makeup Remover
Whether it’s micellar water, facial cleaning wipes, hydrating toner or cleansing face balm, being kind to your skin and the planet has never been more important. So much waste gets flushed down the toilet and into our water systems. Natural makeup removers are widely available and come in many forms. 

A young woman's hand wiping her nails with a black cotton nail polish wipe

Nail Polish Wipes
A lot of the products that we’re talking about aren’t always made with plastic, but they are almost certainly packaged with it. Nail polish pads or wipes generally come wrapped in single-use plastic that can’t be recycled. Tabitha Eve hand make reusable nail polish remover wipes that are made from bamboo, rayon and felt. They are machine washable and biodegrade at the end of their life.

Facial Cotton Rounds  
Baby wipes and face wipes are flushed down the loo, thrown in with general waste and the majority don’t biodegrade. This means they could take over 100 years to fade from landfill. Facial cotton rounds are the best eco-friendly alternative we could ask for. 100% natural, reusable and easily sourced from local suppliers. They’re also super soft and stylish.

Check out our selection of facial cotton rounds by Vesta Living.

Facial Cleansers
At LB4P, we don’t just provide alternatives for plastic products that are thrown away daily or weekly. We’re also looking out for things like eco-friendly facial cleansers made with natural ingredients, as many high street options are made with single-use plastic and chemicals that are harsh on your skin.

Cleaning Products for the Bathroom & Kitchen

They may not set the pulse racing, but plastic-free cleaning products are full of innovation and there are some amazing eco-friendly alternatives made from natural ingredients. 

Toilet Bombs
It’s hard to get excited about toilet cleaners for some people, but not for us. Toilet bombs are the epitome of zero waste and they are so effective. All you have to do is pop one into the toilet bowl and let it fizz away. It cleans your toilet without any hassle, and without the use of harsh or environmentally-damaging chemicals. 

Surface Cleaner
If you already have a plastic spray bottle and you’re not sure what to do with it once it’s empty, keep it. Soluble surface cleaners just need mixing with water, including this antibacterial surface bathroom cleaner by Ocean Saver. It’s so simple. It’s also a great way of reusing the bottles that were destined to be thrown away.

Dishwasher Tablets
If you don’t wash your dishes by hand, then plastic-free dishwasher tablets are an essential for your home. This is a product that traditionally comes covered in single-use plastic and is made from toxic chemicals. Natural alternatives are available that come in a recycled cardboard box.

Floor Cleaner
This is another clever cleaning idea that’s focussed on reducing the number of cleaning products that come in plastic bottles. Once again, this is a soluble floor cleaner solution that comes in a sachet and just needs mixing with water.

Marseille Soap Bar
Ooh la la. The ultra-versatile Marseille Soap Bar is going to blow your mind. It’s the ultimate multi-purpose cleaning soap and it does anything you can think of, including washing your dishes, removing your stains, cleaning your laundry, washing your body, cleaning your floor and much more. 

Steel Scourers
Aren’t steel scourers widely available in supermarkets and other shops? Yes, but they come wrapped in plastic packaging. The steel scourers that are sold in shops that are environmentally conscious offer eco-friendly versions. It's a product that's just as effective, but there is much less waste. Win. 

Stain Remover
Natural stain remover is a life saver. It's vegan, biodegradable and zero waste. But the best thing about it is that it really really works. The plastic-free stain remover we offer our customers works on dry-clean-only clothes, upholstery, carpets, collars and lots more. It also removes all types of stains, including grease, wine, mud, ketchup, etc.

Cleaning Sponges
Suitable for the washing machine? Check. Compostable? Check. Durable? Check. Plastic free? Check. Synthetic kitchen sponges are chucked in the bin on a regular basis, and the chemicals they’re impregnated with, which are also deemed as pesticides, are such a danger for our environment. Biodegradable cleaning sponges are an easy eco-friendly replacement.

Dish Wash Block
This will change your life. I know washing up liquid brands can hold a certain nostalgia for some, but it’s time to make them a thing of the past. A dish wash block is a cleaning powerhouse, and cuts through grime and grease very very easily. It’s also vegan-friendly, palm free, sulfate free and paraben free.

Washing Up Liquid
For those who are sceptical about the dish wash block, there are washing up liquid alternatives. Funky Soap Shop’s Castille Soap comes as a concentrate, which ijust dilute with water and hey presto, you’ve got yourself a big bottle of washing up liquid to clean your dishes with.

Dish Brush
A lot of dish brushes come with plastic handles and plastic bristles. When they’ve come to the end of their life, they’re likely to end up in landfill for centuries to come. We’ve found dish brushes made from natural coconut fibre and wood, and they’re biodegradable. That means the kitchen cleaning brush is completely plastic free, naturally antibacterial and non-toxic. 

Coconut Scourer
A coconut scourer is an ideal replacement to disposable plastic and doesn't contain any of the chemicals you sometimes find in other commercial products. As well as being highly durable, these scourers can clean pots and pans, stove tops and ceramics, such as baths and sinks, without scratching them.

Handmade products are always going to be a lot more reliable than mass reproduced items. Unsponges are made from natural materials such as bamboo, hessain or loofah. They will fully biodegrade once finished with and work just as well as the plastic versions. 

Take a look at loofah sponge.

A Scrubbies cotton sponge showing both sides. One which is patterned with bees and the other has a rougher brown scrubbing pad

Recycled Plastic Washing Up Brush
Let's up some of our old plastic waste to use with products that are made using recycled plastic. This washing up brush is a great example of that. With plant-based bristles and a wooden head that pushes into the handle, the parts that wear out are replaceable and biodegradable. Without sounding too epic, this is the future of cleaning.

Reuable Kitchen Paper Towels
Paper towels cause a lot of waste in the UK, especially supermarket brands. They come in single-use plastic packaging and because there is so much paper on one roll, the paper is taken for granted and wasted. Reusable Kitchen towels are a great alternative because they are made from organic cotton, they’re reusable, machine washable and biodegradable, and they’re also produced in the UK.

Laundry Products that Help Protect Our Water

Eco-friendly laundry products are pushing the boundaries of how we clean and care for our clothes. Protecting our water supply from chemicals is at the forefront of these creations.

Laundry Eco Strips
The way you wash your clothes is about to change. Laundry eco strips dissolve in your wash load with hot or cold water, making them completely zero waste. They can also be used for hand washing, too. And better yet, they’re vegan, hypoallergenic, paraben free, phosphate free, chlorine bleach free, and free from added synthetic dyes.

Guppyfriend Laundry Bag
German engineering at its finest. The Guppyfriend Laundry Bag is a preventative, which collects microfibres from our clothes. Many clothes are made of nylon, polyester and acrylic, which are made from synthesised chemicals that enter the seas and oceans via our water system.

All you do is put your washing into the bag, then into the drum and wash as normal. Learn more about this eco-friendly laundry bag.

Bamboo Clothes Pegs
Standard clothes pegs are usually made from plastic and break quite easily, yet wooden or bamboo pegs have been around for decades. It’s a very small change for your home, but it could work out to be an essential one.

A man's hand putting a blue piece of clothing into a Guppfriend laundry bag

Sustainable Kitchen & Shopping Items

These are the types of items that you’ll find in your kitchen drawer at home and will take with you to work. They wrap your lunches, excess food and carry your shopping. All of these kitchen products are great for cutting down on waste.

Reusable Straws
Are you sick and tired of coming across plastic straws in cafes and restaurants? Providing paper straws is such a simple and cost-effective change, and would literally save tonnes of pollution every day. If the places you frequent aren’t eco conscious just yet, your own reusable straws are an ideal alternative.

Check out our choice of reusable straws. We have straws made from stainless steel, bamboo or silicone. There are collapsable straws, too.

A stylish stainless steel straw in a glass of white sparking wine.

Beeswax Wraps
Cling film kills wildlife and, if it’s thrown into general waste, it will be on this planet longer than we will. Whilst beeswax wraps are not vegan friendly, they are a superb eco-friendly swap for your kitchen. Wrap your sandwiches, food ingredients and anything else you want to keep fresh.

We have beeswax wraps in a range of colours and sizes.

Paper Sandwich Bags
This one is for the kids that take lunch to school or the people that take their sandwiches to work. Paper sandwich bags are 100% recyclable and plastic free, and the best alternative to resealable plastic snack bags or clingfilm.

Produce Bags
It has been refreshing to see some supermarkets replacing single-use plastic produce bags for paper ones. But there are so many that still provide them in their thousands every day. Mesh produce bags are the long-term solution to this problem, as they’re reusable, machine washable, plastic free and sustainable. We use them for all of our fruit and vegetables.

Lunch Boxes
When I was a wee child, I’d throw my plastic lunch box around like it was made from indestructible material. And guess what, it wasn’t. The clasp would break, parts of it would chip and I’d end up with a new one every time it broke, according to my parents. There are plenty of options in the market that are sustainable and eco-friendly, and much stronger than my flimsy cartoon box.

Bread Bag
Most supermarkets have a bakery section and many towns have a bakery. Instead of purchasing bread that comes in hard to recycle plastic packaging, take a cotton bread bag with you and ask them to put your loaf in it. This is the kind of thing that could last you a lifetime, as the
bread bag is made from organic cotton and is machine washable.

Steel Pint Cups
Establishing long-lasting products in your household is paramount to creating an eco-friendly environment. But this also applies to the things you take outside, too. Picnics, camping and road trips are an extension of your home, so it’s good to try and treat it like one. 

Invest in products you want to keep, like sturdy steel pint cups that can be used for every occasion. They’re lightweight, toxic free and odourless, reusable and recyclable. Happy days.

Travel Cutlery
Many fast-food restaurants hand out plastic cutlery and it’s thrown in the general waste quicker than it’s made. Now we know what you’re thinking: “I don’t want to pull cutlery out of my bag while I’m eating out with friends.” Honestly, it's not embarrassing, it's empowering.  

A spork travel set is small and well made, fits in your bag nicely and isn’t a hassle to carry around. Let’s make travel cutlery the norm and reduce the amount of single-use plastic being used.

Follow the link for all of your travel cutlery needs.

Fresh bread rolls falling out of a brilliant white cotton bread bag

Skincare & Pampering Products made from Natural Ingredients

Being kind to yourself doesn’t have to come at a cost to the planet, as there are plenty of plastic-free skincare alternatives to help protect and nourish your skin. 

There is a huge amount of choice these days for natural moisturisers that are waste free and vegan-friendly. Free from chemicals, full of beautiful ingredients and packaged without plastic... what more do you need? Whether it’s Argan face moisturiser, natural healing balm or cleansing face balm, there are options for everyone.

That’s right, eco-friendly suncreams are here to stay and they come in various forms, too. With natural ingredients and plastic-free packaging, why would you pick a sunscreen that comes in a plastic bottle? You can choose a mineral sun cream in a tin, a sunstick or an aluminium bottle, and they come in wide variety of SPFs.

A plastic-free aluminium tin of sun cream on sand surrounded by white pebbles

Bamboo Terry Wipes
Stepping away from disposable facial wipes is something the UK has found difficult. Packaged in plastic and flushed down the loo far too often, single-use face wipes are found in "fatbergs" that block our sewage system and ruin the environment. 

To tackle this, Tabitha Eve has created organic cotton bamboo wipes that are soft, naturally anti-bacterial and durable. 

Body Scrub
Remember microbeads? They were tiny beads of plastic that used to be put into body scrubs. Thankfully, they were banned from use once it became clear just how bad they were for the environment. We now have natural body scrubs made from organic ingredients and packaged in aluminium tins. Tell your friends. Tell your neighbour. 

Face Masks
For the people who have been making homemade cleansing face masks for all these years, we praise you. You managed to avoid those single-use plastic packets that litter landfill right now. 

Even better news, the world now has access to the face masks in eco-friendly packaging, including fruit radiance face masks, olive stone and a whole bunch more. Check out our range of natural face masks.

Face Scrub
This face scrub in particular is being highlighted because this is a prime example of us working hard with our suppliers. We asked UpCircle if they could provide us with a plastic-free alternative to their famous coffee face scrub and they did. Businesses are more than willing to supply eco-friendly options when they see a demand. It’s up to us (and them) to raise awareness.

Soy Wax Candles
Soy wax is sustainable because it’s plant based. A lot of the cheaper candles are made from paraffin wax, which is derived from petroleum (it's a byproduct of the oil purification process). It’s really bad for you and you don’t want to be breathing that in for extended periods of time.

It’s so easy these days to access natural, recyclable and plastic-free candles that are handmade locally. For a complete range of soy wax candles, follow the link.

Things You Keep in Your Bag / On the Go

Looking at ways to cut waste doesn’t just rest at home. Take a look in your bag and tell us what you see. Is there anything in there that you can change for a plastic-free alternative?

Reusable Water Bottles
Millions of plastic bottles that cannot be recycled are littered all over the UK. It’s a major problem for the planet and yet it’s one of the simplest changes we can make. Stainless steel water bottles are widely available in shops across the country.

Here's a collection of stylish reusable water bottles.

Tote Bag
One day we’ll live in a world where disposable plastic bags don’t exist. Cotton tote bags are not reinventing the wheel, and we’re not like “SURPRISE”, but they are an essential for everyday living. Whether you’re just going for a stroll or popping to the local shop, take a tote bag with you. You may buy more than you bargained for. 

We have a snazzy little LB4P tote bag, created by Kat Williams.

Hand Sanitiser
Little plastic bottles of hand sanitiser have always been a thing. Many people carry them in their bag and a lot of offices supply them to employees, too. Why not invest in an eco-friendly kind of hand sanitiser.

A glass jar of hand sanitiser with aluminium lid. Placed on a windowsill with light coming in from the window and a leaf lay behind the jar

Lip Balm
Keep your lips moist, stop any dry skin forming and look after the environment at the same time. Natural lip balms are completely free from parabens and petroleum, and the packaging is now recyclable, biodegradable or compostable.  

Hand Cream
If it’s carried in your bag, then it’s a product that’s likely to be used on a daily basis. Little disposable plastic tubs have long been the high-street solution, which causes more pollution than its worth.
Plastic-free hand cream is a must for people who have dry skin.

Reusable Coffee Cup
Whatever form it comes in, carrying a
reusable coffee cup around with you will save so much waste over the course of the year. It will also save you money, too, as many coffee houses offer a discount for people who use reusable cups. 

What many people don’t realise is that every part of the disposable coffee cup can end up on landfill. This is because the cardboard cup is lined with plastic polyethylene to make it waterproof, which means it can't be recycled.

Chewing Gum
If we’re being totally honest, chewing gum shouldn’t be an essential, but so many people like it or use it to get bits of food out of their teeth. That’s why we want to point you in the direction of
chewing gum that’s plastic free, natural and recyclable. Did you know that most chewing gum from the high street is actually made of plastic? Scary thought, eh.

Insect Repellent
We’re a little bit in love with Flawless Skincare. These guys are creating key products with more natural ingredients and they’re doing it with 100% recyclable packaging. Whether you’re repelling mosquitoes on holiday or attracting bites back home, their 
insect repellent is full of essential oils that naturally repel biting bugs.

Plastic-Free Crafts & Gift Wraps

Whether you’re wrapping someone’s birthday present or you’re a budding craft artist, the tools you use needn’t be synthetic or plastic.

Paper Tape
We don’t need to say too much about paper tape. The adhesive is made from rubber and it’s super strong. It's the best swap for plastic tape or sellotape. Paper tape will biodegrade and it’s so much better for the environment.

Browse our range of paper tape in a variety of sizes.

Sari Gift Wraps
Nepal is close to our hearts, as Charlie worked with local communities there in 2018. Sari gift wraps
are made by recycling womens’ saris, which are made from polyester. Although not strictly plastic free, these saris have been repurposed and we encourage everyone to keep them in circulation. This is so much better and thoughtful than using plastic-lined wrapping paper.

Cotton Twine
Let's step back to a time where there was life before plastic.
Cotton twine is an older solution than plastic and looks much better than single-use ribbon. It’s also locally made and biodegradable.

Natural Glue
Non-toxic and plastic-free glue is a must have for crafts and everyday use. A lot of glues contain harsh chemicals, which are bad for humans and the environment. While some contain potato starch as the main ingredient, there are still elements that are synthetic. Many glues also come packaged in plastic, like glue sticks and PVA. 

This natural glue made by Coccoina is made from 100% natural ingredients, and it’s free from toxic chemicals and solvents. It comes in recyclable metal tin, too. The brush it comes with is made from boar bristles, so it’s not vegan-friendly.

The Eco Way to Make a Brew

A lot of tea bags contain plastic. This is so they don't break when hot water is poured over them. Loose tea can be just as convenient if you have the right apparatus. 

Reusable Tea Bags & Strainers
Drawstring reusable tea bags and strainers work in the same way (you can stir and squeeze them), but they’re made from organic cotton or stainless steel, and they can be cleaned out and used again. No more plastic tea bags in your garden bin.

Compostable Coffee Filter
Paper coffee filters can't be recycled because they are soiled with coffee grounds but some can be composted like these from If You Care. Unbleached and home compostable - perfect!

Hair Accessories that Will Last

These are the kind of products that get a lot of rough and tumble, and are left around the house. Hair accessories deserve a little more love.

Bamboo hair brushes are made from 100% natural material, including pins made from hornbeam wood that sit on a bed made of rubber. There are no elements made from plastic so you won’t have the worry of little bits snapping off here and there.

We have a few variations of eco-friendly hair brushes

A classic-looking wooden hairbrush balanced on a wooden ball, which are both lay on a rustic table

Hair Ties 
When I was growing up, hair ties and clips used to be scattered all over the house in random places. Down the back of the sofa, under the desk, in the messy drawer and so on. Hair ties shouldn’t be viewed as a disposable accessory with no importance. This is the kind of product that could end up in the bag of a hoover and then you know where.

Check out our range of hair ties.

Durable Pet Products

The most used items that are associated with dogs and cats are pet toys. Many shops market their toys as indestructible, but we all know that once our pet gets its teeth into it, there’s a good chance it will be destroyed.

Pet Toys
Sustainable pet toys and chews are a fantastic alternative to cheap plastic toys that fall apart very quickly. Instead of constantly replacing your furry friend’s favourite thing to chew on, there are plenty of robust options out there that will last much longer. They're also 100% biodegradable.

Starting a Plastic-Free Journey

Do you know someone who is sceptical about going plastic free and doesn’t know where to start? We always recommend starting with small changes.

A Bare Essentials Set
A starter set could include items such as a
 bamboo toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and soap bar. These are the kind of products that make eco living accessible. 

A Dental Kit
Once you’ve finished with your current set of dental products and accessories, swap in a dental kit to get you kickstarted, including mouthwash, toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss.


Our community is constantly evolving and so are the products that are deemed essential. We're guaranteed to have missed something off this list that's just as important, but we're not perfect and we're still learning, too.

We'll continue to listen to you and improve our shop as much as we can. Please keep sending us your questions and share this blog with your friends.

If you think we've missed anything, let us know by commenting below.

What plastic-free products are essential to you?

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