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Shop Second Hand Fashion To Layer Up In Style This Winter

Secondhand Fashion

Doing good for the planet can do great things for your pocket.

Whether it’s using reusable make up pads, switching to a refillable water bottle or even buying second hand fashion, cutting down on how much new, disposable stuff we buy is a win-win.

As we head into autumn and into the winter, we all will be looking for ways to continue to save money, especially with rising energy bills.

So investing in eco-friendly alternatives that we need to buy less of compared to the disposable products commonly found in supermarkets is worth considering.

In today’s article we’re focusing on why becoming a vintage or second hand fashionista could help you to save money and the planet in the long run.

Quality Lasts

We’ve all heard the old idiom, buy cheap, buy twice. But for many people cheap is the only fashion they can afford, meaning they have no choice. For those of us with slightly higher budgets, considering higher-end second fashion could be the key to long lasting clothes.

In fact, we are more likely to keep vintage or second hand clothes for longer. According to the latest report by WRAP, we keep preloved clothes for nearly a year and a half longer at an average of 5.4 years, compared to 4 years for off the peg clothes.

Again, there are different levels to what kinds of second hand fashion we can afford. We aren’t talking about luxury designer clothes which still retail in the hundreds and thousands. You can find top quality clothes and vintage brands for much less than this, especially when you visit your local second hand stores or charity shops.  

Sometimes you can find great bargains on the brands that you already know and love. For example, you might absolutely love a particular brand of boot. Brand new they may be far from affordable. But a moderately used pair still have so much life to give at the fraction of the original price.

Secondhand fashion in shop window

Shopping out of season

You notice the seasons changing just by what appears in the high street shop windows. Even before the leaves have begun to turn, retailers are putting out their autumn stock. When you shop for second hand fashion online you can grab some great bargains if shopping out of season. Logging on to the likes of Depop, Vinted and eBay you can hunt down the items that everyone is trying to clear out their wardrobes. Again it is a great time to search for your favourite brands, especially if it is a particularly seasonal item (e.g look for a big coat during the summer, pair of shorts during winter), as less people are looking to buy that item for a last minute summer getaway.

Many people turn up their noses to buying an item that has already been worn. You might have a good reason for this. It doesn’t mean you can’t buy something that is still technically ‘preloved’, such as a shop second, a return with original tags or an item used once for photography. Often these clothes can’t be sold as new and end up in outlet shops or passed onto charity shops. So if going ‘full on’ second hand is a bit too much for you, why not try snagging a ‘like new’ bargain whilst still rescuing fashion from landfill?


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