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The Best Eco-Friendly Washing Up Products

Eco-friendly washing up soap bar

Achieve a squeaky clean kitchen with eco-friendly washing up products

Who doesn’t want a spotless kitchen whilst being sustainable? Eco kitchen products are tough on germs but kind for the planet, so it’s worth making the switch.

If you don’t know where to start, look no further than this list of eco-friendly washing up products covering everything you could need in your kitchen.

Washing Up Soap Bar

If you find yourself racing through bottles of washing up liquid and tossing away the plastic bottles, then maybe it’s time to look for an alternative. Ecoliving’s washing up soap is a plastic-free washing up liquid alternative that will leave your dishes feeling just as clean.

This soap is 100% biodegradable and natural, and it’s so gentle in fact that the rinse water can be used to nourish your plants! However, don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s an eco-friendly washing up product, as it’s incredibly tough on grease and only a tiny amount is needed.

Steel Scourers

If you need a deep clean and want to tackle tougher stains, we can’t get enough of Ecoliving’s steel scourers. Unlike conventional sponges which are made from oil-based plastics, these plastic-free alternatives are much better for the environment.

If you have any pesky stains that won’t budge or want to deep clean your pots and pans, we seriously recommend giving these eco-friendly washing up products a try (although not on non-stick pans).

Natural Latex Rubber Gloves

You might not think twice about using rubber gloves whilst cleaning, but they’re not great for the planet. Instead, we recommend switching to Ecoliving’s rubber gloves which use FSC certified latex.

Not only are these eco kitchen products slip-resistant and comfortable to wear, but you can also relax knowing that this plastic-free product is better for the planet than commercial rubber gloves made from synthetic rubber. They’re also fully compostable when they reach the end of their life.

Wooden Washing Up Brush

If you don’t want to get down and dirty but still want to try some eco-friendly washing up products, Ecoliving’s wooden washing up brush may be exactly what you need.

Rather than the typical plastic bristles that shed hairs and end up in the ocean, these eco kitchen products use cacti fibres that are resistant and hard-wearing, giving you a thorough scrub to remove all traces of germs. The brush head is also replaceable so you can continue to love this brush for years to come.

Organic Cotton Dish Towel

Did you know that many regular dish towels are made from polyester, which when washed cause thousands of microplastic fibres to be released into the water system? Instead, we highly recommend using Zero Waste Club’s organic cotton dish towels as an eco-friendly solution.

They’re made from 100% organic cotton that’s soft and absorbent, making these eco-friendly washing up products a kitchen must-have for cleaning, drying dishes and wiping hands. It’s such an easy swap to make too, so there’s no excuse.


Have you tried any of these eco-friendly washing up products? We’d love to know which one is your favourite, so make sure you leave a comment letting us know!

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