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Finding the Best Eco-friendly Skincare Products

When you're looking for the best eco friendly skincare products for your own skin, it doesn't need to be a chore. There are plenty of plastic free options in the UK that are just as good as high street skincare brands. We’ve found some of the best plastic free skincare options in the UK and tried them ourselves. Here's what we think.

Exfoliating and cleansing your face

Starting with your face, we recommend facial washing grains as the perfect plastic free solution to ensuring a healthy glow. The facial washing grains exfoliate your skin whilst still leaving the natural oils in your skin to do their things. Made with entirely natural products facial washing grains are an ideal plastic free skincare alternative.

To really cleanse your face, the valley mist cleansing cream is a gentle eco skincare cream, both regenerative and antiseptic so ideal for the care and prevention of acne. This cleansing cream is perfect to apply after using facial washing grains to ensure you keep your skin clear and feeling fresh.

Using natural body scrub and moisturiser 

For your body, it’s important to protect your skin. To do this it’s best to get rid of any dead cells by using a natural body scrub. Natural skincare products containing sea salt really revitalise your skin, through its natural properties, leaving your skin feeling soft and well cared for without filling it with nasty chemicals. 

To really boost the moisture in your skin, body butter containing Shea butter can ensure that this moisture is kept in. Many unnatural products will contain fragrances so it’s important to look out for these when considering your skincare routine. A coat of Shea body butter can heal broken skin in a entirely natural way.

Click the link to browse our recommended eco friendly skincare products. All of the brands that we stock are based in the UK and environmentally friendly. 

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