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Why swap to plastic free alternatives?


Plastic free deodorant - life before plastik

Wow, what a question. I'm not going to cover the obvious. You know, facts like:

- only 50% of the one million plastic bottles purchased every minute across the globe are recycled

- the amount of plastic that goes to landfill every year could circle the world four times if laid out flat 

- one million seabird are killed from plastic consumption every year

- plastic in the ocean outnumbers sealife six to one

I'm at a stage where the more I think about it, the more anxiety I get because so much of it is out of my control. I can only do my best and try and influence those around me as much as I can without preaching. At the end of the day it's going to take a long time for everyone to open their eyes. 

We started Life Before Plastik to try and help make plastic free alternatives more freely available. We're different to other plastic free shops because we also try and highlight what is going on in the world. Sometimes it's good news, sometimes it's crazy bad news but we want to be more than just another plastic free shop. 

The items we stock are plastic-free alternatives to products that already exist. You won't catch us stocking wooly hats or wooden cooking utensils. Our online supermarket consists of those items that you can't access as easily. 

So why make the change? The more you look into plastic-free alternatives, the more you realise that they aren't any worse than the plastic version. In many cases they are actually better because they are natural or organic or both! It might just take a little adjustment to how you're used to doing something. For example, toothpaste. We stock Georganics toothpaste, which comes in a glass jar with a bamboo scoop. Instead of squeezing toothpaste from a tube, you are now scooping it from a jar and spreading it onto your toothbrush. It might take a second longer, but think of the positive impact you're having on the environment - one tube at a time! 

Another example might be the facial rounds. I used to use make up wipes to take off my make up. Now I use hot water, moisturiser and a facial round that can be used over and over again. All you have to do it pop it into the washing machine. 

People are so clever. The more we talk about plastic-free alternatives, the more items are replaced by others that don't include any plastic. I can think of an alternative to most products now if someone was to ask me. And that's just through research and talking to people. 

Life Before Plastik was born because my sister and I were chatting about what our grandma used to do when she was a young girl - before plastic really existed. And guess what, they used shampoo bars, wooden toothbrushes and cloths to wash their faces. I feel like we need to go back in time to move forward. Hence our name. 

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