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HOW TO: Cure social distancing boredom

In week one of social distancing as a result of the Coronavirus we've learnt how to have plastic free social distancing fun! 

Enter: Fruit Friends

To complete this cure for self isolation boredom all you need is:

- An item (or several) of fruit - this can be anything from a banana to an apple to a lemon


- A can of food - we recommend chickpeas or coconut milk

- A pen - feel free to jazz this up with multicoloured pens if you have them available

We recommend trying this COVID-19 idea for kids whilst schools are closed, but also adults alike. Why not have a competition to see who can be the most creative? 

This video proves it is possible to have plastic free fun when you're trapped inside!

Tag us on Instagram with your fruit friend creations @lifebeforeplastik

P.s. I am completely sane I promise (for now)

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