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HOW TO: Go Plastic Free

This LB4P video is for all the plastic free beginners! If you are starting your plastic free journey, this video guide explains how I've done it, how I started and all my tips for a plastic free lifestyle.

Plastic free tips include:

1. Go slow and steady

2. Swap product one at a time, as they run out

3. Shopping for food: know your supermarkets, take containers and produce bags

4. Always have a spare tote bag

5. Let plastic free foods dictate what you're going to eat

6. Take reusables with you on the go

7. Prepare your food so you don't need to buy meal deals

8. Start simple... with soap!

9. Tell everyone what you're doing! If you have kids they will be your conscience for you



The following products were talked about in this video: Shampoo bars, Produce bags, Tote bags, Lunch box containers, Coffee cups, Water bottles, Spork, Beeswax wraps, Soap, Bamboo toothbrushes, Facial rounds, Baby wipes.


Comment for any questions, queries or any tips on going plastic free!

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