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Our selection of eco-friendly food storage products including lunch boxes and lunch bags perfect for kids, reusable vegan wax wraps and beeswax wraps to help keep food fresher for longer, and cotton produce bags for picking up veg at your local shop. 


What is an eco-friendly food storage container?

Eco-friendly food storage containers are containers made from environmentally sustainable materials like stainless steel and organic cotton, that are better for your health than storing food in plastic which can release toxins into food.

What can you store food in instead of plastic?

There are lots of eco-friendly ways to store food that are plastic-free. For example, you can use food wax wraps to keep food fresh as a good alternative to clingfilm, swap plastic containers for a stainless steel lunchbox, and use silicone ziplock pouches instead of plastic ones.

Are silicone food storage containers safe?

Silicone rubber is a natural product that, unlike it's plastic alternative, does not leach into or react with food or drink when it comes into contact thus many experts consider silicone food storage products safe to use with food and drink. 


Our zero waste storage alternatives work well as replacements to their plastic alternatives, with a range of different food storage solutions depending on the food you are storing. Choose from a variety of different wax wrap designs, produce bags and sandwich food wraps, which will last much longer than the plastic they replace. At Life Before Plastic, we've put together a selection of eco-friendly food storage swaps that will fulfil your every need.