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Make slimy soap a thing of the past with this selection of eco-friendly soap dishes. By using a soap dish, you’ll ensure that the soapy residue will dry at the bottom of the dish and not soften the eco soap bar itself. A natural soap dish is the perfect alternative to using liquid hand soap or shower gel as they provide the home for all your soaps, shampoo and conditioner bars. These handmade and plastic-free soap dishes are a beautiful addition to any bathroom, ensuite or kitchen sink.

Why should you use an eco-friendly soap dish?

Using an eco-friendly soap dish will prevent your natural soap bars from going soggy by lifting the soap bar out of water. By using a soap dish, your bathroom will both look beautiful and extend the life of your soap bar.

How to make a soap bar last longer?

The best way to make a soap bar last longer is to use a soap dish specifically designed to keep a soap bar dry. This can be a natural soap dish made from wood or coconut fibres with drainage holes or a handmade ceramic soap dish that raises the soap bar higher than the water.

Are wood soap dishes good?

Wooden soap dishes are just as effective as ceramic soap dishes, though certain types of wood like Olive and Bamboo are the best to use in a soap dish as they have a high moisture tolerance and are water resistant.

Should a soap dish have drainage holes?

Soap dishes with drainage holes let the water out of the bottom of the dish and keep the soap bar dry, though other ceramic soap dishes which use a different method and raise the soap bar higher than the water are also suitable. These types of handmade soap dishes often come in cute designs like an avocado soap dish.

Each soap dish in this eco-friendly selection fulfills our values at Life Before Plastic by supporting independent UK brands like Beci Callow and Primal Suds. These soap dishes are all sustainably made and there is no plastic in sight! Time to switch to an eco-friendly way of storing your natural soap bars.