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This selection contains plastic free tea and coffee from independent UK brands. For tea lovers, switch to plastic-free tea bags or go the whole way with loose leaf tea combined with a reusable tea strainer or reusable tea bags. And for coffee lovers, switch to ethically sourced, sustainable coffee combined with a reusable coffee filter and reusable coffee cup. 

Many standard tea bags contain plastic, so it's really important for both your health and the planet to find plastic-free tea bags. You can switch to either plastic-free tea bags or alternatively loose tea to be used with a tea strainer or reusable tea bags. These options cut out plastic by using plant-based glue and compostable packaging, both much safer for the environment.

Finding  sustainable coffee that is sourced from ethical producers is not always common, much less to find it packaged in compostable, plastic-free packaging. These sustainable coffee alternatives are perfect both at home and on the go when using a reusable coffee cup. You won't be able to resist another sip of these delicious speciality coffees, certified by the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) for their taste.

Choose your next hot drink today whether that's a cup of plastic-free tea or sustainable, speciality coffee.