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Marine Conservation Society Donation

Donation to Marine Conservation Society

Marine Conservation Society
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Donate £1 to the incredible work of the Marine Conservation Society (MCS UK).

  • Help clean up marine pollution
  • Protect marine life
  • Combat the climate crisis through seagrass

At Life Before Plastic, we are incredibly passionate about the marine environment, and it is our mission to help clean up pollution from over consumption. 

You can help to achieve this goal by donating £1 to the Marine Conservation Society. At the end of each month, we send your kind donations to the team at MCS UK.

The Marine Conservation Society is a UK wide charity fighting for a cleaner, better protected and healthier ocean that we can all enjoy. Find out more on the charity on their website



This is a monetary donation


MCS are a UK charity who are working to reduce marine pollution, help combat the climate crisis and protect marine life.