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MACK - Floor Cleaner - WTF - Life Before Plastic
MACK - Floor Cleaner - WTF - Life Before Plastic
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, MACK - Floor Cleaner - WTF - Life Before Plastic

Floor Cleaner - WTF

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Wash Those Floors (WTF) is a concentrated eco-friendly cleaner and de-greaser developed for use on floors.

  • Doesn't leave behind a sticky residue
  • Sea life safe
  • Palm Oil and Paraban Free
  • Dissolvable

With the aid of a Million Little Helpers (good bacteria), WTF makes your floors easier to clean each time because it remains active for up to 28 days.


  1. Rinse out a bottle that you already have
  2. Take the BioPod from the box and pop it into the bottle
  3. Pour up 500-700ml of lukewarm water into the bottle
  4. Pop the lid on and shake until dissolved.

Spray it on the floor and rinse off using damp mop. This floor cleaning method is effective and also uses a lot less water than a traditional mop and bucket method.

The eco-friendly cleaning pack contains a pre-printed MACK information sticker to label a repurposed trigger bottle.

Note: Bottle not included.



Sodium Carbonate <50%; EDTA <50%; Cocamidopropyl Betaine <10%; Dye <1%; Gram Positive Bacteria <1%


Brand Story

Ian, Ant & Andy are the 3 brains behind MACK. Together they have developed a unique range of biotech cleaning products aimed specifically at the domestic market. They are not only eco-friendly they are also extremely effective. In 2020, the MACK biotech range was launched into some pretty intense manufacturing environments, traditionally the stronghold of old fashioned cleaning technologies. It performed better, cost less and was not dangerous to the people who used them. These were then developed into domestic products and what we stock today. Clever eh!