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Ocean Saver - Dishwasher Eco Tablets - Life Before Plastic

Dishwasher Eco Tablets

Ocean Saver
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Eco-friendly dishwasher tablets that are plant-based while also being tough on grease and grime. 

  • Pack of 30 tablets
  • Packaged individually in soluble wrapping
  • Powerful cleaning action
  • Come in a small compact box

Made fully chemical and residue free, these tablets are non-toxic, and safe for humans, and the environment. These dishwasher tablets will effectively clean your dishes in your dishwasher on both a long and short wash.

The tablets cut through baked-on foods, are tough on grime and any grease and leave glasses with a shine. 

Tested against mainstream products and results are just as good.


96% plant & mineral-based ingredients.

Brand Story

Born out of frustration that little was being done to stop plastic pollution from entering the sea, the team behind Ocean Saver decided to do something about it. Affordable, dissolvable cleaning sachets were created.